An Ode to The Dance

My love,

your emotions,

your grace,

your beauty,

they render me speechless;

You glide as if the world is no more,

All that inhibits is now lost

And in doing so, you set yourself free,

from all the chains and shackles around you

You move as if you can fly, and fly you do,

You set me ablaze

For you burn so bright.

You, are an ethereal beauty

how true you are to yourself,

in doing so, your beauty shines,

and pervades through all that there is,

you are my light, for lead me home

You are a hurricane,

swirling and swirling,

taking all that there is in your way with you

You are a calm ocean,

peaceful, and in control,

of all that there is to you,

serene and powerful

I, am in rhythm with you

I am at your mercy;

My love,

for when you move,

your beauty,

your grace,

your emotions,

they render me speechless..

– By Feroza 

This was actually done for one of my school projects. Thought I’d share it.


The Melody of Hope

She sat there listening to her mother berate and abuse her. Insults were thrown at her in varying degrees. From how useless she was around the house to how she would never get into the university of her choice. She sat there, without saying a single word, just taking it all in. And once her mother left, a single tear slid, escaping the confines behind her eye. Soon, lots more followed behind, and not long after, the dam broke. She wept because she didn’t understand. She didn’t know what she had done to deserve the emotional abuse she felt every single day. She worked hard to achieve her dreams.  Not long after, she stopped crying. Gone was the pain, only to be replaced by an emptiness.

Then she heard it. This soft buzzing sound. It kept changing its pitches. She listened quietly. Soon it grew in intensity. Loud enough for her to listen to it without straining. It was the melody of hope. She listened to it as it calmed her down. The melody was filled with voices. Voices of her friends telling her she was loved. The voice of her lover telling her she was enough. And the she heard the loudest tune in the melody. It was her own voice. Telling her all those things and more, even more powerfully. And so she listened to it while it calmed her down. She listened to her melody of hope calm her down. And when she was ready, she got up and started working again. Even if she broke again, she knew she would hear her melody eventually, and it would always be there for her to listen to it. She just had to listen carefully.



Trigger warning.


Death. Something that scares me, and makes me want to hold on to it till I suffocate it at the same time. There are times when I am so afraid of death. I don’t want to die early. I want to complete everything I have planned. I want to live to my fullest potential. And then there are those days.

Days where I want to kiss the fingertips of death. Ravish it. Make it all mine until I’m a part of it’s endlessness. Days when I want death to take me and let me leave this world alone, somewhere where pain no longer exists.

But then I talk. I listen. I sing and read and write. I remember that there are still people who love me. Who listen to me and care for me.  And that gives me hope. And so no longer do i want to make death mine. And then I live again.


“She has a heart

full of scars

but it didn’t

stop her from

loving too much.

She fought too

many battles

but it didn’t

stop her from

giving up.

She had cried

ocean of tears

but it didn’t

stop her from

sharing her smiles.

She may be broken

but it didn’t

stop her from

being amazing.”

–  little-star-fish

A Love Not Meant To Be

A love not meant to be.

 How painful it must be for those to fall in love. To put their trust in each other and to bare their souls to the other one, only to know that they weren’t meant to be.

To believe so passionately that they were meant for one other, to believe that the other fit with them, loved them and was theirs for eternity. Only for it not to happen.

To come crashing down, burning in their faces, to engulf in its voracious flames, the innocent, fragile and intimate relations of their love. 

To rip it from their hands. To make it into that worse than a hurricane. To plummet them down with swirling and uncontrollable emotions. To leave, at least one, feeling empty. To watch the other move on. To hold them in your heart and never forget them.

But, now, to learn to live with the pain. To transform it, into something else. To protect with that love, that was not same, but now of its own kind. Innocent and cherished. To love one another, and to watch each other move on. 

To be there for each other. And To understand each other. 


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